Fayollah Handmade Brass Ring

Store:  adeledejak
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  • GBP: £40.00
  • EUR: €44.89
  • NAI: ₦19,480.00

The ring is pure brass, handmade with love in Kenya. It is a stunning, elegant piece that will always do justice to your ensemble. When you rock Fayollah, better be ready for the approving, admiring stares.

Fayollah ring is an ideal piece for the bold individual. The ring can carry you through casual Friday at work, office parties or even a day out with the girls. No matter what your style, Fayollah promises to stand out.

Handmade in Kenya with recycled brass.

  • Weight: 6g
  • USA Size:
  1. Small – 6.5
  2. Medium – 7.5
  3. Large – 8.5
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