K-Jaak Bracelet

Store:  adeledejak
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  • GBP: £45.00
  • EUR: €49.27
  • NAI: ₦21,915.00

K-Jaak is a bracelet with charms and majestic elegance. It is made of recycled brass and recycled Ankole cow horn. This piece oozes class and sophistication, making it perfect for the bold, style savvy fashionista who wants to make a statement.

In addition, it’s a lightweight bracelet allowing you to layer on as many as you like. An edgy, quirky cool statement piece that’s light and versatile.

  • Weight: 14g
  • Charm Length: 4.5cm
  • Size (Diameter):Small-6.2cm,Medium-6.4cm,Large-6.6cm
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