Lolovivi Handmade Brass Earrings

Store:  adeledejak
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  • GBP: £65.52
  • EUR: €72.26
  • NAI: ₦31,908.24

Our Lolovivi handmade earrings provide you with that beautifully structured design. They are African-inspired and handmade from shiny, smooth recycled brass.

Circles cascade down your ear creating a luxurious flow and elegant feel. If you are bold and with a passion for dangling pieces, this is for you. It’s an easy accessory to wear without the risk of looking boring.

Why opt to wear one style, when you can enjoy multiple designs with this versatile pair. They are long enough to match your weekend look and formal event.

Therefore, if this describes you, then this the right pair.

  • Weight: 22g
  • Length: 13.2cm
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