Rora Brass Cuff Bracelet

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  • GBP: £80.00
  • EUR: €88.23
  • NAI: ₦38,960.00

The Rora handmade bracelet from the Kool Kuba Collection offers you simplicity and elegance everywhere you are; perfect for every occasion. Hand hammered from recycled brass, this is one of our best sellers designed for both men and women inspired from armbands worn by the Dinka tribe.

Tribes across Africa have used amulets to protect them from evil spirits or product them from snake bites. Our appropriation and reinterpretation of these traditional African beliefs are simple.

Rora bracelet can be worn as a single handmade bracelet or stacked for a jazzier look. Put a glam spin to your style!

  • Weight: 68g
  • Diameter: Small: 6.2cm     Medium: 6.4cm    Large: 6.6cm
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