While in quarantine, there are two types of people: The person that has completely abandoned the concept of time. They wake up at 3:00 am and go to sleep when the sun rises. When they get a message in the groupchat at 2:54, they reply at 2:53 because they spend all their time on the phone. The second type of person is clutching desperately to any sense of structure and routine. They wake up at their usual time, perform their elaborate skincare routine, pick out an outfit…and sit in the house for most of the day. 

I personally fall somewhere in between. I try to maintain my everyday schedule but also enjoy the new-found freedoms that come with working from home. It’s important to hold onto those little everyday moments that give us a bit of normalcy. Being at home for most of the day represents a fun opportunity to experiment with your style! After all, if we’re going to be in quarantine, we should at least strive to look good while doing it. 

Maintaining your appearance isn’t a matter of vanity, however. Countless studies have indicated that physical appearance is positively related to self-esteem level. So, if this quarantine has got you feeling down, why not indulge in some retail therapy in these comfortable and stylish Afrogarm pieces?

Speaking of mixing and matching, wouldn’t the black Ankara print joggers go perfectly with this Melanin/Supreme Style T-Shirt

If yellow’s not your style, this top comes in a variety of colors including pink, white and black, so you’re not limited!


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